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Wayside Skeet Club
621 Green Grove Road

Tinton Falls, N. J. 07712 - 3112

Physically, the club is located in the Boro of Tinton Falls but mail is delivered to us in the Wayside section of Ocean Township by the Ocean Post Ofice which is a substation of the Asbury Park Post Office. Our mail Zip Code is 07712 (as is all of Asbury Park, all of Wayside, most of Ocean Township and some of Tinton Falls - You figger out where we are...driving directions are posted below).

(An answering machine will take a message when nobody's at the club
or when the club is open but the Range Officer is not in the building.)

Members please note: Although the gate padlock combination remains the same, all other combinations have been changed - Contact the President if you NEED TO KNOW.

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WSC's Main Field

The Wayside Skeet Club is a private skeet shooting club with two skeet fields. All shooters are either members, immediate family of members or personal guests of members ... our facilities are NOT open to the public. Members of the NSSA may request permission to participate at Registered Shoots which are occasionally held, often on the third Sunday of the month.


Although there may be a waiting list, skeet shooters are invited to apply for membership ... applications are available at the clubhouse. All club members must be a current member of the NRA and if a NJ resident, they must possess a valid NJ Firearm Purchaser's ID Card (or like credentials from their state of residence). Members must also sign and have an Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability and Promise to Indemnify and Hold Harmless Form on file with the club. Our current Membership Application and Initiation Fee is $250.00 plus $17.50 state tax ($267.50 ... refundable until membership is formally offered and accepted). 

Annual dues are currently $225.00 plus $15.75 state sales tax = $240.75. For new members in their first partial year of membership, dues are prorated at $20.06 per month including tax. A late payment fee of an additional $50.00 plus tax is assessed if a member's annual dues payment is postmarked after December 31st of the previous year.  The State of New Jersey currently charges 7% State Sales/Use Tax on all Application/Initiation and Membership Fees.  Except for the first year of membership, dues are payable on a calendar year basis.

Skeet Range Hours:

The WSC is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from Noon

until 5:00 PM . . . (or dusk in the winter) . . . all year . . . EXCEPT . . .

The club is CLOSED on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday

...and any other day that no range officer is available.

The WSC is open occasionally on weekday holidays if a Range Officer is available.

Members who bring guests are reminded that shooting with NEW SHOOTERS takes much more time on the field than does shooting with experienced shooters who are familiar with safe gun handling and the rules and etiquette of skeet.  If you wish to host a non-member (guest) shooter (up to two guest shooters are permitted per day), please plan to arrive at the WSC AFTER 2:30 PM on the day you wish to shoot.  Be sure to have your guest(s) register on the sign-in sheet and personally check in with the Range Officer of the Day.

If other members are waiting to go on the skeet field, a squad is limited to 20-30 minutes per round of 25.

If you are a WSC member, volunteer to be a Range Officer so the club will be open more often.

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Shooting Charges and Fees

Skeet target fees are $3.00 per round for members and their immediate family, i.e., spouse and children (who are below age 23).
Alternatively, a prepaid card of 15 rounds costs $40.00.

Skeet is $5.00 per round of 25 birds for ALL guests ... ammo is NOT included.

Ammo must be of size #8 shot or smaller and of 1210 fps velocity or slower. Reloads are permitted with qualities as noted here.

On Registered Shoot Days, both fields are closed to practice until Noon...and open then ONLY IF a Range Officer is on duty. Shootoffs for the Registered Shoot will be held on the main field after the last squad shoots. Phone ahead to make sure that a Range Officer has signed up and is on duty if you want to shoot practice on a Registered Shoot day!

The Registered Shoot Fee at WSC is currently $33.00 per gun (includes 100 targets, the referee, state and national fees & awards.

Concurrent and/or Lewis Class Purse, if offered, is at additional cost.

Because the NJSSA waives it's fee for Junior and SubJunior Shooters and reimburses the host club for the Junior Shooter's Referee Fee, the cost to Junior Shooters is $23.00 per 100 Registered Targets unless they choose to shoot without prizes, i.e., Targets Only.  Junior Shooters never receive prize money, but rather, physical awards.

League shooting is the least expensive method of "registering" targets.  League shooting cost for 50 bird daily minimum = $3.00 CASH for NSSA Fees - PLUS a round of birds/skeet (which is $3.00 cash or one punch on your Shoot Card per a round of 25 for WSC Members ... or $5.00 for non-members).  Payments should be made to the Range Officer when you check out on the day League targets are shot.

To sign up for any of our Registered Shoots, please phone or e-mail our Registered Shoot Chairman, Bill Shanok at 646-752-0496 or e-mail to UglyDuck1<at>aol.com .

Everyone who uses the facilities of the WSC must register upon arrival at the WSC, and...

All Non-Member Guests, including Registered Shooters and their guests, referees, visitors and spectators must register, be logged in as a guest and must sign an Assumption of Risk-Waiver and Release of Liability. Indemnification and Hold Harmless FORM...once a year, whether or not that person actually shoots skeet.

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Directions to the Wayside Skeet Club

(If you read all these directions you'll get a picture of just where we are. In general, we're about five miles west and a little north of Asbury Park. We are adjacent to and immediately east of the Asbury Park Toll Plaza (see the second photo, below) on the Garden State Parkway between the Eatontown and Asbury Park exits.)

On Asbury Avenue (west of Asbury Park and east of Earle NWD) and from the GSP Exit 102 southbound proceed east to the traffic light on Asbury Avenue at Green Grove Road (CVS Drugs and a Texaco Gas Station are on opposite corners). Turn north onto Green Grove Road.

From the intersection of Green Grove Road and Asbury Ave, go approximately 1 mile north, passing (finally) Deal Road (on your right side only) then through the following short section of undeveloped woods, and another 50-75 yards. The WSC driveway is on the west (left) side of Green Grove Road. The WSC driveway is marked only by a black mailbox with the number 621 and it looks as if it goes in past a house (on the right) and to a garage area with several trucks and other pieces of construction equipment. Proceed in on that dirt and crushed stone road, past all this and then bear left...you'll then see our gate with our name and a "10 MPH" sign. Proceed slowly through the gate...the clubhouse is farther in on the right.
If you miss our driveway and find "Gun Club Road"
(to the west) or the four-way-stop sign at Bowne/Hope Road, you've gone too far north on Green Grove Road...turn back and turn right just before mailbox #621.

<----- North

From the GSP northbound, exit at the Asbury Park exit (100A) and proceed east on Route 66 to the traffic light (just past the Asbury Park Press). Make a left (north) onto Jumping Brook Road and hang a quick right keeping the new WalMart, Arby's and Ruby Tuesdays on your right. Go as straight as you can (winding road) until you come to the traffic light on Asbury Avenue at Green Grove Road. Go straight across the intersection and follow the directions inidicated in blue above.

From the GSP Southbound, exit the GSP at Eatontown (105) and after passing the former toll area (now toll free), make a right at the first light (Hope Road). Stay on Hope Road south about 2-3 miles and a block after the intersection with the second traffic light, you will come to an acute X four-way-stop intersection with Bowne Road (Hope Road becomes Green Grove Road here). Proceed straight across the X onto Green Grove Road and look for the black mailbox at the end of our driveway on your right, 621 Green Grove Road (about 100 yards). If you miss the Eatontown Exit, go on to Exit 102 and follow the directions at the top of this section. Better if you exit at the Asbury Park Exit (102)...stay in the right lane as you pass through the old (now toll-free) plaza area...the right lane IS the exit lane. Take the jughandle and head east on Asbury Avenue to the second traffic light (Green Grove Road). Turn left before the Texaco Station and follow the blue directions (click).

In this photo, up is East

From northwest of Ocean Township. Get on Route 18 (east/southbound) and off Route 18 at the Ocean Township Exit for Wayside and Tinton Falls. Proceed west on West Park Avenue (past the Wayside Middle School and Wayside United Methodist Church, both on your right) to the first traffic light at Hope Road...hang a left at the light and a four-way-stop (noted above) will be your next intersection. Go straight across onto Green Grove Road and another 100 yards (past Gun Club Road on your right) to our driveway on the right just before black mailbox #621.

From Route 18 Northbound, take the Deal Road West (11B) exit (a different exit than was described above) crossing over Route 18 on the exit ramp and turn right (west) off the exit-and-bridge-ramp onto Deal Road. Continue west on Deal Road through a four-way-stop (not the same one described above) to the end...which will be at Green Grove Road. Turn right (north). Our driveway will be about 200-250 yards on the left...just past black mailbox #621).

Most precisely, we are located at 40 15.069N - 7404.710W for you geeks with a GPS.

The Wayside Skeet Club is in the NORTHERN DISTRICT of the NJSSA.

Try an aerial view use your BACK button to get back to this page if you haven't bookmarked us.
Once at this site, you can back out to see a wider aerial view of our area.

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NRA Home Page http://nra.org OR try http://www.nrahq.org/cookie_detect.asp?from=%2FDefault%2Easp

NRA Online Member Services https://www.nramemberservices.org
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NRA Membership Account Hotline
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NJ Fish, Game & Wildlife Range Finder - http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/ranges.htm

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NOTE to web surfers looking for a place to SHOOT SKEET in New Jersey: To our knowledge the Fort Dix Range 14 and the Thunder Mountain facility in Ringwood are the only shooting facilities that are open to the public in the State of New Jersey.

Fort Dix Range 14
Any shooter may purchase a "membership" at $50.00 per year ($25.00 to NSSA Members). Range 14 includes skeet, trap, wobble skeet, rifle & pistol and archery ranges. The facilities are open Wednesday afternoons, and Saturday and Sunday all day. During the summer months, it may also be open Friday afternoons. Take
Route 537 southwest from the Freehold area past it's intersection with I-95 toward and past the Cream Ridge area. Soon after passing the site of the old New Egypt Auction, take Meany Road south (left) to and thru Cookstown. Signs for Range 14 will be apparent about 2 miles past Cookstown. Watch for a left turn and follow the signs.

Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain is located at the end of Mansion Drive in Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, NJ
They do not maintain a web site but search Google for more info.
The hours are: Wed & Thurs 1 PM to 10 PM - Friday : 1 PM to 7 PM - Sat & Sun 9 AM to 6 PM
and they're open in the summer on Mondays.
They sell guns, ammo and reloading supplies and components as well as shooting clothing and accessories. They have skeet, trap, five stand, loaner guns and a learners trap that is like a low 7 skeet shot. They also take groups but should be booked in advance. Don't forget your pockabook.

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